iOS development

Our team's been building iPhone apps since Apple opened up the SDK to app developers. Our iOS development stack is up to date with the latest frameworks and plugins from the emerging open source movement happening within the iOS development community.

Web Development

In web we don't see a difference between building for mobile, tablets or PCs. We use a framework called Bootstrap to make our sites respond and look beautiful on any screen size. We're well versed in the latest web technologies and front end frameworks as well.

Android development

We built apps that had to utilize the trackball on the original Nexus phone and have been heavily involved with Android since. We are used to dealing with the fragmentation issues faced by the diverse market and have developed best practices for dealing with them.

Hybrid Development

We all have heard it, Hybrid Development allows people to utilize their vision on all platforms together; We utilize development tools like PhoneGap/Cordova, NativeScript or Steroids as a bridge to native functionality while leveraging the power of HTML5 and Javascript.

Windows Phone development

we offer an end-to-end Windows Phone app development service that leverages the very best that this emerging platform has to offer. Rely on our Windows Phone app development services to port your existingapp to Windows Phone or take your first app from concept to reality.

Social Integration

All our work consists of tightly integration with any Social or Media Platform to connect the world and promote your business and services to the max; We tightly integrate your services with Facebook, Twitter, gPlus and many more.


Please see below a sample of our portfolio.

More samples of our work can be requested at any time through the contact form at the bottom.

  • DaSh Components

  • Nalus

  • TraffBlog

  • GMO Live

  • Waldo Health

  • Post-A-Thing

  • Akimbo Card

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